Soda Fountain

If You,ve Ever Wanted To Step Back In Time. Welcome To The Parrot’s Soda Fountain

The shiny chrome spigots of the soda fountain, the cozy wooden booths, the red lunch counter with its cast iron stools, the old-time jukebox filled with 45’s, the mint-green milk shake mixer in front of a backdrop of Coca-cola glasses and sundae dishes… they just don’t make ‘em like this anymore.

In 1922, William and Ianthe “Postie” Post founded The Parrot and invented an experience that has changed little since. Sundaes, parfaits, sodas, phosphates, freezes, milk shakes and malts from The Parrot’s soda fountain are all homemade from original recipes. Although some treats have been added over the last eighty years or so, many of the recipes date back to the founders.

The soda fountain serves up authentic sodas, mixed to order by “soda jerks” using flavored syrups and soda water. Taste the difference for yourself.

Our homemade soda flavors include cherry, lime, pineapple, grape, root beer, lemon and strawberry. For something really different try a phosphate – a tart twist on a conventional soda. We also serve fresh citrus fruit drinks from our soda fountain. Try a hand-squeezed Mexican lime, California orange or the signature red ace.

All Parrot ice cream is homemade and hand-packed. It’s available at our soda fountain or in quarts to go. Combined with our homemade sauces, The Parrot creates irresistible sundaes, banana splits and parfaits topped with our home-roasted cashews, pecans or almonds. Milk shakes, malted milks and ice cream sodas are also created from our delectable sauces: chocolate, marshmallow, banana, caramel, fudge, strawberry, pineapple and the Montana essential, huckleberry. Enjoy the flavors at home too; sauces are also sold by the pound to-go.

If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, our famous Parrot Chili has had customers lined up for lunch for generations. It’s a hearty mix of steak and beans made from a well-guarded Parrot secret recipe. Come try it for lunch or take it to-go.

A REAL Treat
Because our homemade flavored syrups, ice creams and toppings are all made from original recipes, they contain simple sugar — not high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners or artificial preservatives. Parrot soda fountain items bear the genuine taste of old and are a more natural and healthier product than most other treats you can buy today.

The glassware and dishware used for soda fountain treats have remained the same style and proportion since the store’s inception. Whereas Americans have become accustomed to “over sized” portions that have contributed to our nation’s growing waistline, The Parrot’s treats remain the same “guilt free” size from 1922. Treat yourself!

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