Candy Counter

Gazing Into The Candy Counter At The Parrot Makes You Feel Like A Kid Again.

Between hand-dipped chocolates, authentic Turkish delight, home-roasted nuts, hand-dropped wafers, colorful hard candy mixes, classic nut brittles, old-fashioned fudge, or homemade caramels, you’ll feel just like a kid in a candy store with over 130 different candies to choose from.

From the staple candies like chocolate cherries and vanilla creams to the namesake “Parrot,” each confection is hand-crafted just as it was generations ago.

All Parrot chocolates are hand dipped around homemade center fillings. Most of our traditional recipes date back to the founders’ own recipes from 1922. A few flavors have been added along the way but each candy is made in the traditional manner by our talented candy dippers who know the correct temperature and consistency of the chocolate just by touch. And because we use traditional recipes, we use authentic ingredients and therefore none of our homemade candy contains preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

Each chocolate is identified by its shape and signature pattern that adorns the top of the candy. A broad “fish hook” on a square candy, for example, identifies the chocolate covered caramel whereas a “top knot” identifies the peanut fudge.

Parrot candy is sold by the pound and is available in a standard assortment as well as custom hand-picked selections. If you can’t make it into the shop, place your order on-line. Seasonal selections are also available though our website. Don’t miss out on our beloved Christmas mix, personalized Easter eggs, Irish potatoes, solid chocolate bunnies or other holiday favorites.