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"A Custom from New Orleans" by Elaine Livers
My parents began sending Parrot candy at Christmas to me and my siblings.  My family was living in New Orleans and my siblings elsewhere in the country.  This was in the 1960's.  As our children married we started sending Christmas candy to them.  When my mom was no longer able t
Cleaning the Parrot by Robert Shultz

"I've been enjoying the Parrot confectionery store since 1990. I used to clean the store at night for Servicemaster contract services. I still frequently stop in for candy and one pound boxes of candy to send to my relatives down South, in winter of c...."   Continued...

Family Tradition by

"I do not have a personal story to relate other than my fondness for the Parrot candies, particularly in boxes opened at our reception area as I walk into the office during the holiday season. However, my children are always anxious to make a trip in ...."   Continued...

A Custom from New Orleans by Elaine Livers

"My parents began sending Parrot candy at Christmas to me and my siblings.  My family was living in New Orleans and my siblings elsewhere in the country.  This was in the 1960's.  As our children married we started sending Christmas can...."   Continued...

From the 50's to today by Judy Reynoso

"I am 67 and my mother used to tell me she hung out at the Parrot when she was young.  Grew up in Helena and the Parrot was the teen hang-out in the 50's.  On Saturdays you could hardly get in the place! The candy was unbelievable. ...."   Continued...

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Never Disappointed    by : Joyce MacDuffie

"I have been buying Parrot candy for myself and others for over sixty-five years and have never been disappointed. I hope it stays the same. I lived in Helena for years and now I find that the Parrot is just about the only thing in Helena that has not changed.

A Part of my Life    by : Grayce Loble

"I was born in 1920, so the trips to the Parrot have been a big part of my life. The special treat was having a "Parrot parfait," their special was served in a fluted glass with a plastic parrot perched on the rim. Having my candy custom filled assured me I would get just the right selection. In the years gone by my tow sons, and their children and grand children share many of these same memories. ...."  Continued....

Going into Helena    by : Judi Flegel

"Like many others who grew up near Helena going to the Parrot for chocolate sodas, hot fudge sundaes, or bags of candy was the highlight of "going into Helena." Now I love to share the treat by giving boxes of candy to family and friends in Wisconsin and telling them about the Parrot. I also get quite a few comments when wearing my Parrot cap on vacations in Florida and the Caribbean.

Favorite Gift    by : Giles Walter

"Success and good luck. It is good to know the Parrot is always there! It is our favorite gift.

A Usual Order    by : Brooke Eagle

"I am very sad to not be doing my usual order this year. I had always ordered for my mother's December 22 birthday/Christmas; sadly she passed this year. I also always stop in when in Helena.

Leaving a Mark    by : Lillian Dykstra

"The Parrot was always the place to go after a movie at the Marlow or the Antlers. If I look closely I am sure I would find my initials on a booth table (LGN) or that of my husband Dan. We both lived here all our lives as school kids and graduated from Helena High School, after having classes in the railroad coaches. I might have also have put gum under your tables!! It is wonderful memories each t...."  Continued....

Annual Commute    by : S. Bruce Ensley

"Annual commutes to Montana/Great Falls always left time to visit my Aunt and cousins in Helena. The Parrot is still a destination of choice. I am hoping to introduce the Parrot to a third generation in coming years. I was delighted to read that The Parrot's tradition is being carried on. I am placing on order via Internet today! Merry Christmas, and have a prosperous year!

The Perfect Conclusion    by : Verne Essinger

"I was born and raised in Malta Montana and moved to Helena when I was fifteen. As a college student in the summer I worked at the Union Bank which was close to The Parrot. After work, sundaes and milk shakes were a wonderful occasional treat. Christmas always included a box of Parrot candy. >>> I am now 84 and living in the state of Washington. When my daughter was planning the engageme...."  Continued....

Landmark of Helena    by : Hazel Johnson

"My husband and I lived in Montana for about thirty years. The last six were spent in Helena Montana. We had three sons. Our eldest met Postie first, then the rest of the family met her. She had us over for Christmas the one year. She was such a neat person. After we moved to Salt Lake we always stopped at The Parrot whenever we came back to Helena. We have spent the last three summers in Helena, a...."  Continued....

An Unforgettable Experience    by : Lori Micken

"I was introduced to The Parrot in about 1954, going into Helena from Girl Scout Camp at Camp Thunderbird. I was a counselor there that summer and in 1956. From the Scout Camp favorite to the ambrosia of a chocolate shake at The Parrot it was a totally unforgettable experience. I think we bought a few pieces of candy, at the time I was not a confirmed dark chocoholic, but Parrot candy helped make m...."  Continued....

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